This is the Beginning of the Decline of Social Media

Alissa Musto
4 min readMay 11, 2020

If I don’t care about your travels from 5 months ago, why am I suddenly going to care about your travels 5 months from now?

I am just as sick of uploading posts about my new song covers, past vacations and #AtHome life as you are looking at them. The secret is out; nobody is living their best life at the moment. We’ve realized we’re not fooling anyone. Well, maybe the Kardashians still are. But in a time where celebrities are pretty much pointless, the contentedness and opulence of the rich and famous amid a devestated world is far from from entertaining. But that’s a whole different topic for a different day.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, staying in bed all day watching Netflix while toggling between three different social media apps sounded like the fantasy break we’d kill for. We were overworked, overwhelmed and overstimulated with an unchecked smartphone addiction. We instinctively resorted to the screen whenever the opportunity arose: at work, at school, on the subway, when we woke up, when we went to bed, etc. We were so attached that they had to pass LAWS to curtail people from getting distracted on their phones and crashing their cars. Yet people still get distracted on their phones and crash their cars.

I guess that’s why they say be careful what you wish for; now we’re all home and have been granted permission to play on our phones all. Day. Long. On top of that, we’re all starving for social interaction and dopamine. It’s the equivalent of an unsupervised, hungry child at a dessert buffet. We all know how that ends.

Have you ever been on Facebook on Mother’s Day? It’s just a sea of tributes and 90’s photographs of your friends’ moms. Honestly, it’s just hard to get super enthusiastic about other peoples’ moms; I have my own to deal with.

Not to sound cliche, but it’s like every day is Mother’s Day. Our newsfeeds are filled with the same shit day after day that quite frankly, nobody cares about: at-home workouts, screenshots from Zoom calls, travel throwbacks and videos of collaborative musical performances featuring songs I never really liked in the first place. Oh, and of course, the ignorant political ramblings of self-proclaimed Constitutional scholars who have seemlessly converted to experts on public health.

Alissa Musto

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